You Should Grow

Hey y’all! I’m Laura, a born and raised Georgia girl happily married to a handsome Georgia boy, a mom of three beautiful babies, and a homestead enthusiast. Learning to grow my own food has changed the way I think and want to live my life. With this blog, I hope to share how gardening has enriched our lives. I hope our experiences will encourage our readers to grow their own food. If you’re thinking about growing, you should. It is good for our minds, our bodies, and our earth. I’m so excited that you stopped by my site. Thank you so much for reading!


Four years ago I didn’t care much for growing things. Then, I discovered that food tasted and looked so much better when I grew it myself. The biggest thing, however, was that my bills came down. Don’t be scared about growing your own. Take that big step. In this blog, I’m going to prove to you how easy it all is.