Jack Wallington Garden Design

I am an RHS qualified garden designer based in Clapham, south London. I specialise in contemporary gardens with unique planting.
I hope you come back to see how our Clapham urban garden evolves over the coming years. The blog on this site is a record for myself of what I’ve been doing and I’ll be sharing what I learn as well, so hopefully it will be useful for any random visitors who land here.

Wild About Nature

I work in retail, but my real passion is the environment. Not what it can do for me but what I can do for it.

I have a medium sized garden. Yes it’s not immaculate but neither is the real world. It’s my personal space and it attracts a whole range of wildlife from insects to animals. Its my own Flixton nature reserve where all animals and insects are welcome.

Wildlife & Eco Gardens

At Wildlife & Eco Gardens we believe in working with nature to ensure our clients receive a high quality service to enhance their outdoor green spaces. We offer a large range of services in the Derby, Brinsley, Ilkeston, Hucknall, Cotgrave and surrounding areas, if the work you want doing is not listed below then please contact us.

Wildlife & Eco Gardens was set up in November 2016 by Michael Wood, after completing a horticulture qualification at Brakenhurst.

Wooly Green

We are slightly confused gardening FRIENDS that can connect in MYSTERIOUS ways through our shared love of GREENish things and a bit of COUNTRY stuff even if we’re in a town!

We do this without seeing each other that much and sometimes without even speaking.  This is because we have AMAZING, MAGICAL POWERS and broadband access.