Veddw House Garden

A blog about my favourite garden, written by one of my favourite gardeners. Now please stop twisting my arm, Anne!
If you visit this garden, don’t tell Anne Wareham you think the garden’s “nice” or “pretty”. You may end up hospitalised.
Visit early in the day to catch a glimpse of Anne’s husband, Charles Hawes, embarking on a naked rabbit shooting expedition.

Veg Plotting

Hello and welcome! My name’s Michelle and I’ve been chatting away as VP since 2007.

Thanks for visiting Veg Plotting and I hope you enjoy your time here.
When I set up Veg Plotting, I intended to write solely about my allotment, but I soon found too many other things were crowding in which I need to talk about. My plot is now my place for inspiration as well as providing some of the subject matter.


We had a desire for self-reliance, of creating a home and green space for our family that would provide us with greater food, fuel and economic security.

In the UK most of us live within a system that is reliant on external infrastructure, of which we have no control. We buy our food from supermarkets, we get our clean water from a regional water supplier and we get our gas and electricity from the ‘grid’.

Our modern lives depend on this infrastructure working uninterrupted. Most of this infrastructure currently relies on fossil fuels. For example, the supermarkets are stocked with products that are usually shipped in from aboard and trucked across country to the local depo and then on to the supermarket. Supermarkets run an efficient system and don’t spend money stockpiling or storing food in vast warehouses, as many assume. Should deliveries to supermarkets be disrupted for any reason (a fuel strike or shortage for example) supermarkets would probably be empty within 3-5 days. Then what?

Vergette Gardens

I’m Tanya Batkin and I work as a Garden Designer for Vergette Ltd.
Vergette Ltd – Garden Design can be found on the border of Hereford and Worcester in the fabulous Teme Valley we design gardens in and around the UK as well as Internationally.
I love growing plants, design and cake (not always in that order) and I’m always happy to have a chat.

Vertical Veg

In 2009, I discovered I was able to grow much more food that I thought was possible on my small balcony in London. This changed my life.  I  started to eat better, tastier food. My growing connected me to the city and local community in new ways and provided a constant source of joy and fulfilment.

In 2010, I started Vertical Veg to inspire and support people to grow food in the city – and to benefit from its rewards.  I also wanted to raise awareness that you don’t need a garden to grow food – any small patch of concrete that gets a bit of sun will do!

Views from my garden bench

I’m Bec a 40-something southerner (not a Cockney) who accidentally arrived in Manchester over 20 years ago – it’s one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I love my life here – there is so much to see and do – music, food, heritage – close to the hills and coast too.

I do spend a lot of time in our garden too…. weeding, watering and planting but also planning, thinking and reflecting on life.