Sally’s Garden Blog

I am a free-lance garden designer living and working in Shropshire.
My recommendation is to carry a camera,notebook,a pair of niwaki secateurs and a good waterproof at all times.

I particularly enjoy writing short blogs with as many images of my working week as is possible.

Janna Schreier

If you’ve read my blog, I hope it’s quite apparent that I adore writing. Especially when it’s all about gardens. I particularly love exploring new gardens, hearing their story from the owners and articulating exactly what it is that makes this particular garden unique and special. Why it works so well.

I mostly write for magazines and can also provide photographs. A recent commission I completed was an 11-page article on the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show for House and Garden magazine, but writing about home gardens appeals in equal measures.

Seasons of Snakesbury

This is a blog of life through the seasons at Snakesbury, a 5 acre plot in Kent, England. Home to me and my life partner Al, the house was built in the 1860’s and is surrounded by gardens and fields. The name Snakesbury originates from the adjoining road that used to ‘snake’ around an ancient dew pond. We both consider ourselves very lucky to live in this beautiful part of the UK.

Second Hand Susie

Second Hand Susie is a green and crafty lifestyle blog, if you like vegan food, gardening, recycling and charity shopping you’ve come to the right place!

Written by me, Susie, a thirty-something girl who wants to make the world a little bit better.

I’m a homebird at heart, and I like making things, gardening, and reading.  I live in the middle of England, with my husband Joe, I volunteer with Girl Guiding UK and work for my local library service.   I’m intent on dragging home the contents of the local charity shops, and to be honest I also spend a large amount of my time sitting on the sofa watching Netflix!

Sedums, Dahlias and Hayfever

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The Serendipitous Garden

Hello, welcome to my blog all about my terraced garden in the West Midlands. My approach to gardening has always been to give a plant a good start but then let it fend for itself, or to sort of quote quote Rocky, ‘if it dies, it dies’.

Now, I’m turning over a new leaf, I’m going to get organised and see if I can create a beautiful garden on a bit of a budget. I’m going to grow as much as I can from seed and try out some things I’ve never grown before.

Sharpen your spades

It’s strange to think but until 2007 I had no interest in allotment gardening. I had no interest in gardening at all.

Today, it’s hard to imagine not having an allotment and not feeling as passionate about it as I do.

Shirls Garden Watch

After considerable blog chat, comments and email exchanges perhaps it’s time I revealed a little about the person behind shirls gardenwatch. However, first, I have to say a HUGE THANK-YOU to everyone that has visited and commented for another year. I have really appreciated it especially when there are so many blogs to follow now. After wavering a little… Year 5 here I come 🙂
My first reveal is that although my blog is titled shirls, it is not how I am known outside the blogging world. I picked this name for a little bit of anonymity and because it was short and slightly quirky for leaving comments etc. Let me introduce myself… Hello, my name is Shirley 🙂

The Shrub Queen

Nationally published (USA) author and Landscape Architect (registered in Georgia) I am a major market girl. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA.

Several years ago, my husband and I returned from our annual sojourn to Maui and decided we had to get the heck out of the big city. So, he retired and we relocated to the Treasure Coast.

A Small Sunny Garden

Welcome to the small, sunny garden! It was born into a bare patch of desert dirt back in autumn of 2014. It spills off the edges of our patio and reclaims a bit of the surrounding desert for habitation: for us, for the hummingbirds and bees and butterflies and lizards and toads and, must I admit, rabbits!

Here is a look at the setting and the creation of this little desert garden.

Smallholding Dreams

We are Claire and James and we run a small campsite and smallholding in rural Suffolk near the coast – Shottisham Campsite.

We have 10 acres in total, although much of this is for the campsite. The campsite has been in our family since 1971. We moved here in the summer of 2009 after my Dad died. We have spent the past 7 years trying to bring the campsite back to life, renovating the house and developing the smallholding – we reckon this is a 20 year project! We have mad schemes and grand plans for the small holding which may or may not come off, but we are giving it a go. I don’t think there was ever a plan for a smallholding, it just kind of happened – we tend to do, rather than talk.

Sofia’s Country Cottages

OK, the country cottages get a plug but most of this blog is about gardening and nature in the South of Finland.

Thomas Stone

My name is Thomas Stone and I have been a professional horticulturist since 1989. I am based in Hampshire where I run my own company, specialising in Garden Consultancy, Roses Wild life gardening and pruning .I am still learning so much about plants, gardens and materials. With my blog and working website now separated, I am hoping to explore my love of plants and gardens, looking at each month a garden, some of the tasks in the months ahead, tools that I like using, materials I use within my day to day work and of course some of the beautiful plants that I love to both look at and enjoy seeing in gardens.


Living and working in Suffolk, UK, Suffikboi can often be found on his allotment or pottering around in one of the gardens that he tends at home or at work.

Enjoying outdoor life, camping, walking, running, cycling or wild swimming fill a number of weekends, and compliment the love of growing and eating fresh homegrown produce, and the occasional cake!

With a smart phone at his side photos are constantly being taken to document this ‘good life’ and shared through a series of blogs, Twitter, Instagram and other online platforms.

The Sunday Gardener

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Sustainable Garden

[Editor’s note: I could not find any “about” text on this blog to describe it. If you are the blog owner and would like to add something here, please use the “get in touch” link above to let me have some text.]

Sweet Pea and Cabbages

I love all forms of gardening, floristry, foraging, jam making and am happiest when outside tending my allotment and writing about it! Owner of two smelly, errant dogs.

Authoress (by pseudonym) of “A Year on an Allotment” and “Another Year (and a bit) on an Allotment”.

Sweetgum and Pines

I’m Nick, an avid gardener and amateur naturalist living in the central piedmont of North Carolina, USA.  I’m more of a plant collector than a landscaper, so expect lots of pictures of individual plants, carefully cropped to hide the weeds and piles of old flower pots.  When not digging in the garden, I work as a researcher in a developmental neurobiology lab to make enough money to buy truckloads of mulch.