Rambling in the Garden

I had not intended to write a blog, but was talking to a friend about how, now I had more time,  I wanted amongst other things to keep a better record of the garden and nurture its spiritual aspects, as well as writing poetry more often. She suggested I did it online as a blog, and ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com was born.

Ramblings From the Plot

Well, well done for finding my blog and thank you for having a look around, I hope you like it. Im  a gardener, a supervisor, an allotment-er, an aviation enthusiast and I love my plants, so I hope to keep things interesting on here. There is also the forum, where given time, I hope we can create a bit of a community.

Real Men Sow

In 2007, I took on a redundant allotment plot with my gardening-mad mum Jan. As all good mums do, she went along with it, but I don’t think she held out much hope. However, three four five six years on, and Jan now lets me do stuff without watching over my shoulder, so I must be doing something right. Taking on an allotment has actually been the best thing I’ve ever done. A steady stream of incredibly tasty fruit and veg has been winging its way to my kitchen since Ron the allotment boss showed me around number 105 of the Burnham-on-Crouch plots.

Reclaiming Paradise

My garden is an ordinary town garden in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I’ve been gardening for over twenty years and in this one since 2009. I mainly grow vegetables and fruit but I also like flowers to cheer me up and welcome the bees.  I try to garden organically and sustainably.  I like to recycle and reuse stuff in the garden. I like to experiment with cooking garden produce. I also write and draw.  I use this blog to bring these interests together and to share them.  I’ve kept garden diaries in old note books for years but this is my first gardening blog.  Occasionally I veer away from gardening onto other topics but usually find a link back. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

The Renaissance Gardener

I have had a lifelong passion for gardening. An early memory is of writing a gardening column in a class newspaper, orchestrated by a student teacher on work experience, aged 7. Other early memories include the smell of geraniums (pelargoniums of course) and tomatoes in my grandfather’s Victorian conservatory, giving the Chelsea chop to a stand of Michaelmas daisies (and the horror expressed by my mother as she thought that year’s flowers were doomed as a result), and my father’s dahlias lined out in the front garden.

The Restraint of Plants

I’m an allotment Gardener from the North East of England, with a Plot based on the South Durham / North Yorkshire border. Through this blog I intend to document the day to day activities on the plot, acting as more of a digital diary for myself. But if you enjoy reading ( and I hope you do) then that is an added bonus. I’m obsessed with Tea*, Photography and the Weather. And of course, Gardening. * Depending on many factors (usually the Weather) This is interchangeable with Real Ale.

Richard Jackson’s Garden Blog

The whole team at Richard Jackson’s Garden is here to help you to make more of your outdoor room. We’ll be sharing home and lifestyle advice, great plants to grow in pots and containers and the latest insider info from a great cast of well-known garden writers and some new kids on the block too.

The Rivendell Garden Blog

It’s my blog. This is my list. Nuff said. 🙂

Rock Cottage Year

I was lucky to be born surrounded by beautiful countryside (The Yorkshire Dales) and beautiful gardens.  My Mother always had a lovely garden as did my Gran (she was always delighted that people would stop to photograph it).  I took little interest as a child, but once I owned my first house with some outside space I got caught with the bug. I started by adding to the small cottage walled garden (in Kent) of my last house before moving to my current home, where I live with my two boys.  When I bought the property, it had a 1/3 acre of head high brambles and weeds, this blank space has allowed me to grow vegetables for the first time by creating a decent sized ‘patch’ of raised beds, along with new flower borders.

Rooftop Veg Plot

Wendy Shillam’s roof top plot will be of interest to anyone wanting to grow edibles in an urban location. Situated five floors up in London W1 and five minutes from Oxford Circus, this unlikely garden makes use of raised beds with only six inches of soil. Wendy grows herbs and salad crops organically. There is a tiny greenhouse full of tomatoes and cucumbers. An elder bush, roses and Japanese wineberries protect the beds from high winds. A grapevine flowers and fruits happily above a sunny arbour.

Rose Cottage Jottings

In 2011 we moved from Surrey to Somerset and swopped a fine sandy soil for a sticky clay. This blog will focus on the garden at Rose Cottage and is an opportunity to keep the family in far-flung places in touch with what is changing as well as an on-line record for me.

Roses and Rhubarb

This is the gardening blog of a retired 70 year old who is not very good at gardening.

Rosewarne Gardens

Welcome to Rosewarne Gardens, designing functional and beautiful outdoor spaces that help you get the most from your outside space. Garden Design and planting consultancy based in Bedfordshire, working throughout the UK.

Felder Rushing’s Blog

Ah…my little corner of the Internet, where I can be myself rather than just another author, the posturing horticulturist on NPR, or onstage at garden events. No coat and tie, no workaday horticultural correctness, just a crusty gardener who travels the world looking for whatever’s a good fit for my garden and me.

In my small but overstuffed plot of land I try out interesting design elements and grow hardy plants that need little or no care. I accessorize with bottle trees, gaily painted tire planters, and other whimsical yard art, including the ancient topiary practice now called “crape murder.”

Susan Rushton

This is my personal website. I’m really enjoying the blogging experience and the online company of so many lovely people. Thanks for visiting me here.

I write for my blog with one ideal reader in mind – a thoughtful, caring, playful person, willing to explore ideas on different subjects, as we might if we were to meet face to face. One who is willing to suspend disbelief for a few minutes: someone who is happy to take an idea and see where they can run with it.

I have a childish love of flowers: I’ve seen far too many trendy, almost flowerless gardens, but for me, a garden just isn’t the same without them. My interest in gardening runs deep, inspired by my maternal grandma (Mama), my naturalist father and my mother.

rusty duck

So. A person decides, together with her better half, to leave behind the stressful day job and move to a simpler life in the country.
They find a cottage. “In need of updating” the estate agent said. Ho ho ho. And the rest. There’s a bit of land. Mostly woodland plus a garden. The national collection of brambles, stinging nettles and montbretia that isn’t going to stop until it has taken over the world. Just to make life really easy, the whole lot perche

The ducks are rusty for a reason. There’s a lot of rain. It’s 84 steps up to the garage, the post, the grocery delivery and any other contact with the outside world. No mobile signal. No gas.