Erika Packard

After first entering a darkroom at age 14, I went on to study photography and writing at Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Arizona, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts honors (BA) degree in writing and photography. Though I was originally trained to use film and traditional black and white photography techniques, after my father gave me my first digital camera in 2001, I never shot another roll of film.

After working in Washington, DC for five years as a writer and photographer, and several months living off-grid in a log cabin on an Alaskan lake, I returned to where I grew up in the country outside of Charlottesville, VA to work in marketing communications and Web and print design. I bought an abandoned property and designed, built and landscaped a home. I created a small farm and grew most of my own vegetables with the help of my English Shepherd, a flock of chickens, and a green tractor. As a certified master gardener, I also served as a volunteer horticultural educator, teaching members of my community how to garden.

The Painting Gardener

A gardener for most of my life, I’ve been painting for the last 10 year or so. It’s hard to say which activity gives me more pleasure. Gardening is a feast for the senses and a healing experience for body and soul. Painting is like being back in kindergarten but with much, much better materials.
I think I will always want to be an art student, no matter how accomplished I become as an artist. There is always something more to learn: new techniques and materials; and more importantly, new insights and directions. Making art is most often a solitary experience, so it is a treat to be in the company of other artists in the setting of the classroom, closed off from the world and its distractions. From time to time, I will post descriptions of the work I’ve done in courses or workshops.

Paper Garden Journal

Hi – I’m Cathrine, welcome to my garden journal. Although trained as an environmental engineer, I’ve been an enthusiastic, mainly self-taught, backyard gardener for more than 25 years.  I’m constantly curious about all things garden related – reading, studying, and attempting all kinds of “horticultural experiments and adventures”. I garden in the suburbs of Philadelphia in horticultural zone 7A.  I grow a bit of everything –  perennials but also trees, shrubs and some annuals.  I adore perennials. If I could I would have one of each (well, actually 3 to 5 of each because I like nice, big, juicy clumps of perennial goodness).

A Parrot’s Nest

This is my personal blog, if I talk about any products or services please be assured that I will be giving my honest opinion and I will tell you if anything I am discussing has been given to me by the manufacturer or promoter. I will write a lot about plants and gardening, obviously, but I’m also fascinated by natural history and as time goes by I hope to share sights and experiences, from the Cotswolds where I live, from other parts of Britain, and from my occasional trips further afield. I hope you find it interesting!

Patch 405

Hello! Thanks for reading my blog. My name is Shannon. I’ve been married to Brad for 25 years, and we have three children – Grayson (22), Cooper (20), and Delaney (16). I’ve been dreaming about a garden for years. I don’t have the master plan in mind. I know it will develop as I go along. My tagline says that I’m ‘creating my own little patch of happiness in OKC.’ Besides gardening, that patch might eventually include books I love, recipes I appreciate, friendships I treasure, and special moments I cherish … and maybe more.

Path to Permaculture

Building a sustainable path towards regenerative lifestyles and abundant economies.

The Patient Gardener

This blog has been a catalyst for many exciting encounters and experiences.  I have spent time helping with an RHS Chelsea garden, exhibited plants at plant shows, ‘appeared’ on the local radio gardening show, and now I am acting as a recorder for an RHS plant trial.  I have met bloggers from all over the world and through contacts have toured gardens in San Francisco and Ireland with some amazing people.

Peaches and Cream Hobby Farm

Our family has been into farming for many generations either as a business or as a hobby. We have learned through the years what works and what doesn’t, and  we have also discovered new and inexpensive ways to make farming easier. Although our family lives in the country, we currently live in an urban area. A couple of years ago, my daughter and I had a discussion about  wanting easy access to organic foods. We  knew the easiest and most inexpensive way was to grow our own. We started with a small vegetable garden, then over the last couple of years we have expanded with fruit trees and berry bushes.

A Pentland Garden Diary

In the Spring of 2013 we left the city behind and moved to a lovely little cottage on the edge of the Scottish Pentland Hills, just South of Edinburgh. Let’s just say that the garden wasn’t quite to our taste, so, after a glorious Summer of simply enjoying having one, the first time since being a ‘grown up’, it was time to start ripping everything out and start again. Neither of us have much experience of gardening, or are that practical for that matter, so we’re pretty much just making it up as we go along. This blog is a diary of our Pentland garden.

Perfect Pelargoniums

My interests are my family, growing and collecting pelargoniums, gardening, photography, cooking, reading, and singing in a choir.

Although I am retired now, my last job having been as a secretary at a nursing home for nearly 20 years, I am at present membership secretary of The Pelargonium & Geranium Society, and Show Secretary of The Shamley Green Gardening Club. I have been a member of Farnborough Fuchsia & Geranium Society for about twelve years.

Peonies and Posies

I am Julie King, author of Peonies & Posies and self taught gardener, artisan florist and amateur photographer. All the images that you will see here have been taken by me either on my Canon 500D or on my iPhone and almost all the flowers are homegrown.

I am also a wife and mother to three as well as the proud owner of 2 dogs, a cat, 2 rabbits and 6 Buff Orpington hens. In my few free moments I am trying to learn to play the piano and always like to have a good book on the go.

Peonies & Posies is my special place where I can share in words and images the seasonal life of my romantic English garden. I am very lucky to live in an old victorian rectory with a large garden that is partly walled and partly enclosed with a beautiful seasonal hedgerow. The garden is filled with old, large trees, dreamy seasonal blossom, lots of fruit and my favourite roses, peonies, delphiniums, lilac and lavender.

Jane Perrone

I’m Jane Perrone – freelance writer and presenter and producer of indoor gardening podcast On The Ledge. I like growing weird veg and houseplants and walking in the countryside with my hound Wolfie.

I used to be gardening editor for the Guardian, and I still freelance for them. You can find all my work for the Guardian here. I also write for other publications, including Grow Your Own magazine, The English Garden, Rakes Progress and NFU Countryside magazine.

Petals by Paraig

A small suburban garden, 100 metres (ok yards) from the sea. Home to cat, lots of soil critters (good and bad cowboys!) and the Head Gardener, who wants to record of some of the little things that mean a lot as a way of expressing gratitude. When things don’t move quickly enough in the garden, Páraig (pronounced Paw-rig) heads off along the byways of SE Ireland on his bike “Gilhaney”.

The Physic Blogger

I am a professional horticulturalist, plantswoman, gardener, garden writer. Since 2005 I have made my living from my love of plants, gardens and the natural world. I am a passionate allotment holder, am fascinated by permaculture, love all things flowery and also long to share my passion with others which I am starting to do by setting up a range of courses for adults, and running Tiny Trowels for Under 5s, all in sunny Bristol. I have also co-founded Incredible Edible Bristol and am a bit busy turning Bristol into the UK’s 1st edible city!!

Planting Diaries

I re-trained in gardening/planting design a few years ago and as part of that process, I volunteered at the Geffyre Museum in East London. Whilst researching the origins and uses of plants grown in the herb garden I realised that many important historical texts related to gardening and horticulture are now available online. The aim of my blog is to share my enthusiasm for the treasures of the digital library and encourage others to seek inspiration in these books for themselves.

The Pleasure Gardener

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Plot 9B

Once upon a time, Mummy and Daddy Bear applied for an allotment.  It was back in the day when their family was just the two of them; weekends were long and carefree, holidays were in far-flung exotic places and there was always a little bit of money in the pot for treats. “I think I’ll apply for an allotment” said Mummy Bear one day.  “I’ve heard it can take a while to get them – it would be lovely to have a go at growing things”.  And whilst Mummy Bear completed the paperwork, she dreamed of prancing around a wildflower garden, wearing nice gloves, sipping Chardonnay whilst birds sing in the trees and woodland creatures wandered around.

Plot 44 Organics

My mission is simple. 100% Organic Growing. No fancy growing methods, no gimmicks just straight honest reviews and advice. I’m always honest.

Primrose Blog

Welcome to the Primrose Blog. Way back in 2011 this blog was launched by Primrose to connect and share with our community and it’s been going from strength to strength since then, bringing you all the latest gardening tips, guides and stories. The blog is written by a team from Primrose who each bring their unique style and knowledge to create a diverse mix of content ensuring there is something for all our readers. So, whether it’s how-to guides, insightful infographics, or just a little inspiration that you are looking for, you can find it all here at the Primrose Blog.

Produce from the garden

To me a kitchen garden is a magnificent oasis full of treats for the home. My favourite time is pottering with a cup tea pondering tasks to be done, flowers to be picked or veg to be grown. A kitchen garden is always changing, developing and providing. Whether it be your own patch or a grand stately walled kitchen garden, it is an unpretentious, genuine, busy and productive space, where I feel most relaxed.

The Propagator

I’ve been raising plants from seed for a good few years with some pretty good results. I’ve also dabbled a bit with cuttings with very patchy results. I’ve become a little obsessed with the topic of propagation this year and intend to go nuts with it in 2017. This blog is my assorted ramblings, progress, disasters, setbacks, results and some tips along the way. The blog is mostly for my benefit, to keep track of what I’ve done, and hopefully is also of some interest to other planty obsessives. I plan to post fairly frequently so check out my progress below.


[Editor’s note: I could not find any “about” text on this blog to describe it. If you are the blog owner and would like to add something here, please use the “get in touch” link above to let me have some text.]

Pulling Weeds

Why ‘Pulling Weeds’? Well, it’s how I rather flippantly like to describe what I do all day as a jobbing gardener. I do a lot of other things too – cutting grass, pruning, hedge trimming, and even some planting – but I do seem to spend a lot of time down on my hands and knees digging out weeds. As well as a gardener I’m a writer, and this blog could be seen as an attempt to fuse together these two career strands to create something beautiful. I want to share some of my experiences as a gardener through the year, share my love of plants, provide some tips and ideas, and perhaps open up some discussions about the nature of gardening and how we go about it.

Purple Sweet Pea

Welcome to our allotment website. I started recording our allotment journey in 2014 and I have created you tube videos ever since. You can view some of our videos in the YouTube section. I decided to name our allotment Purple Sweet Pea as I have fond memories of my granddad growing masses of sweet peas in his garden when I was very young. We love to keep in touch with people who follow our families allotment journey. So feel free to contact us using the contact section, join our mailing list or become one of our much loved members. I hope you enjoy our website.