N20 Gardener

This blog has come into being after meeting some like minded people on twitter. Sometimes our conversations didn’t fit into 140 characters. Some of those people already had blogs and it was good to see how their garden and allotment projects were progressing. There was also the great Six on Saturday blog hosted by The Propagator. So finally the plunge was taken and a new blog appeared. I hope you enjoy it.


Qui suis-je? Who am I? Wer bin Ich? Trained as a plant biologist & ecologist in Belgium, I am currently working for a UK-based charity, Plant Heritage, which manages a network of recognised National Plant Collections®, aimed at conserving our plant diversity through cultivation. I am fascinated by botany and plants in general, as well as the close relationships they have with animals, from grazers to pollinators. I have a particular interest in plant systematics and taxonomy (yes, I confess to enjoying latin!).

The Neglectful Gardener

Urban gardening and other random thoughts

A new back garden, blogged

Pop quiz hotshot, two of the following statements are utter nonsense. I: ● work in marketing, in the media (for my sins) ● am just the right side of 40 ● fell in love with plants in my mid 30s ● kept an allotment with the wider family for the past 10 years ● used to break wild horses in the Carmargue ● studied Garden Design for a year at Capel Manor College ● worked as an organic vegetable gardener at Tottenham Hotspur FC ● am fluent in 6 languages

Sally Nex

Hi! I’m a garden writer based in Somerset, in the glorious countryside of the south-west of England.

It didn’t start out that way at all. One day, more years ago now than I care to remember, I began growing a few peas and beans in the back garden, just to see if I could and as an antidote to a high-stress London life. I still remember my first harvest and the realisation that I could feed myself and my family with food far better than anything I could buy in the shops, and all through a hobby I’d already enjoyed for years. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Some years down the line, and my veg-growing is totally out of hand. From my tiny London back garden I graduated to an allotment; the allotment spilled over with vegetables, fruit and herbs and I jacked in the day job. Now I’m slowly carving a garden full of delicious, fragrant and fascinating plants out of an acre of former chalk quarry on the side of the Blackdown Hills, not far from Taunton.


Louise Nicholls

My name is Louise Nicholls and I have worked in Horticulture full time since 1998. Based in South West London I am available as a garden consultant for all your garden needs. As a garden owner and lover you wish to create your perfect space for whatever your lifestyle. Sometimes however the array of Horticultural terms can be daunting, overwhelming! What plant? Where? How to care for it? With 20 years of hands on Horticultural experience, from show gardens to managing 9 acre Fruit, Vegetable & Ornamental gardens, I can assist you in making the right choices for your lifestyle and for your plants.

No Dig Home

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog!

I am an organic kitchen gardener, chef, writer, teacher and mother based in Bruton, Somerset where I grow delicious vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs in my garden and allotment using no dig methods. I love reading (my degree is in Literature and Art History), crafting, visiting interesting places, exploring the countryside, trying out new recipes and food, making potions and learning new skills.

Using vegetables, herbs and flowers that we grow, I make delicious plant based, affordable, seasonal healthy food (we worked out that a lunch of 16 different dishes plus homemade bread cost around 60p a head for 20 people!)

Noel’s Garden Blog

Noel Kingsbury. Garden writer and researcher, lecturer and teacher, based in the England/Wales border region. An occasional designer of plantings for gardens and public spaces.Other interests, and subjects for occasional publication are agriculture, food politics and environmental issues. Chiefly known for promoting naturalistic and sustainable planting design, I am a believer in design and decision-making based on science and evidence – so I have not signed up to organic jihad. And – lot of globe-trotting doesn’t stop me gardening myself either!

This blog is a place for observations, thoughts and opinions that occur to me as a gardener, horticultural journalist, researcher and commentator on the garden and landscape scene. And sometimes on the food and agriculture scene too…. when, you should be warned, I sometimes express unfashionable thoughts.

 Notes From Carbury

In this blog I hope to share the pleasure of country and small town living in the Irish midlands. In particular I focus on the twin joys of gardening and crafts, one mainly for the winter months and the other for spring, summer and autumn.