Meme: Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

The idea behind this meme is simple – you take a photo of something in bloom on the 15th of the month. Because there are bloggers joining in from all over the world, there’s a mix of seasons so there’s always something to see.

The meme is hosted by Carol, over at May Dreams Gardens.

I love to garden and I love most everything about gardening… good soil, plants, flowers, books, tools, and other gardeners. I consider myself a Gardenangelist, an evangelist for gardening who loves gardening and wants others to love it, too.

I’ve been gardening in some capacity my whole life, starting as a toddler following behind my Dad as he planted peas every spring. I wore out the gardening books at my local library by checking them out over and over again. And there still might be a soup spoon or two—my childhood digging tool of choice—buried in the backyard.

To take part, you blog on your own blog about the photo you’ve taken and then pop over to Carol’s blog on or after the 15th of the month where you find her post about Bloom Day (she posts on the 15th) and in that, the Linky box to add a link to your post. That’s it.

I added this meme page in December 2017 so here’s a link to the latest Garden Bloggers Bloom Day contributions for November 2017.


Participants in the meme include:

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Dorothy at The Nature of Things

Lea at Lea’s Menagerie

Jessica at Rusty Duck

Michelle at Veg Plotting

Nic at Journeys and Jonquils

Gail at Clay and Limestone

Jeannie at Get Me to the Country

Leslie at Growing a Garden in Davis

Kalantikan at Pure Oxygen Generators

Flutter and Hum

Ramblin’ with AM

Kristin at That Bloomin’ Garden

Lead Up the Garden Path

Anca at Time in the Garden

Lorree at Danger Garden

Kris at Late to the Garden Party

The Outlaw Gardener

Amy at A Small Sunny Garden

Beth’s husband at MacGardens

Kathy at Cold Climate Gardening

Jean at Jean’s Garden

Minding My Garden


Rose at Prairie Rose’s Garden

Christopher, who’s Outside Clyde