Half a Garden

This square of green is all that’s left of a much larger plot. For years its sunnier other half, now owned by neighbours, has sat tantalizingly beyond a broken fence and a tangle of unkempt shrubs and climbers. Its lack of scale has limited my ambition and I have cared for it with a shameful lack of real commitment, one eye on the promised land beyond the fence. Now, scarred by a recent unsuccessful bid to buy it back, I am forced to readjust my own ambitions for the portion I am left with. I am making my peace with it.

It is half a garden…

Jane Harries Garden Designs

Jane Harries qualified in garden design with the Open College of the Arts (OCA), the sister organization to the Open University, completing 2 courses in the subject and receiving a rarely-awarded A assessment for the second course. She has been gardening for 15 years in her Northamptonshire cottage garden and enjoys growing perennials from seed: “You can learn so much more about a plant when you’ve grown it yourself”, she says. She also enjoys growing fruit and vegetables, and observing the wildlife in and around the area. Jane’s background is in marketing and business design, however she changed career as a result of illness, and also enjoys painting and writing.


I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (mid-Zone 6 to lower Zone 7, depending on whose map you use) and garden on four acres in full sun: about two acres of managed meadow, one acre of pasture, and one acre of intensively planted garden and open shrubbery areas. This garden is entering its 16th year in 2017.

I’ve had a lifelong love of plants, but it didn’t develop into a full-blown obsession until my late teens. I earned a B.S. degree in Agronomy and Environmental Science from Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture, spending the summers working as a gardener on various estates in the Philadelphia area. I then worked at Rodale Press Garden Books as a Senior Associate Editor before leaving for a career as a freelance garden-book writer, editor, and photographer.

Hayloft Plants Blog

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Her Outdoors

Welcome to my blog! That’s me, Jane Merrick, and my daughter when she was a baby. My allotment is Plot 35a, tucked away somewhere in South London. I learnt my vegetable growing from my Dad, and my love of flowers from my Mum. I grow veg, fruit, flowers and herbs and one day I hope to make wine from my grapevine that doesn’t taste like vinegar.

Sometimes I get my other half, Him Indoors, and our daughter, Girl Outdoors, to visit, but most of the time it’s just me and the birds. In 2015 I was a judge for Britain’s Best Allotment competition. When I am not at my plot or on the school run, I am a columnist for The Independent and The Independent on Sunday.


After 40 years as a professional herb and lavender grower, I now garden just for fun in my brand new potager, located in Zone 5, central Indiana.  Of course, I must have flowers as well, so there are gardens around my home, as well as a new berry patch.  When I’m not in the gardens, I’m writing “herbal fiction,” experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, preserving my harvest, or traveling to visit great gardens and gardening events.

Higgledy Garden

Not just a shop front for some of the best annual flower seeds this side of Alpha Centauri (it’s where I buy all of mine now!) But lots of easy-to-follow growing guides written with a sense of humour by the wonderful Mr Higgledy, aka Benjamin Raynard, with occasional input from his Flash assistant.

The Hilltop Gardener

Having recently moved to the Brecon beacons, Mid Wales, I have set myself the challenge of Transforming my overgrown windswept garden into an abundance of home grown fruit and veg for me and my family to enjoy. Hopefully bringing us one step closer to the dream of one day being self sufficient.

With a little prior experience of growing vegetables and even less in keeping livestock, I’m learning something new everyday. There have already been plenty of ups and downs and I’m sure they’ll be plenty more to come.


Hillwards is the diary of our hilltop garden in rural South Wales, UK.

We are both novice gardeners, keen to learn and develop alongside our garden, enjoying the rural location (when the neighbouring cows aren’t eating our newly planted hedge whips) and breathtaking views, as well as the harvests from the garden. Besides gardening, we both share a passion for seasonal cooking and preserving.

This is a diary of our garden as it develops, along with seasonal recipes for our produce, tales of foraging, garden visits and other points of interest. We’re learning as we go, in the garden and on this blog.

Hoe hoe grow

My garden and I  have been in a serious relationship for over 30 years now … It consists of about half an acre in deepest Lincolnshire, UK. and it is divided into several different areas. Starting at the bottom, we have a wildlife pond, wildflower area and ‘orchard’ (half a dozen baby fruit trees!), then through a gate to the veg and soft fruit garden. An arch leads into an exotic garden with summerhouse  and mainly hardy exotics. And ……

Home Organic PH

We invite you to the Organic Food Bowl of Southeast Asia, the Negros Island.

In Negros Occidental, 15,800.837 hectares (39,044 acres) are farmed by 17,031 farmers/producers.

Experience our lifestyle – we have time to relax, take naps, grow and enjoy our organic produce, where we actually look forward to work (!) — in the garden, time with our kids, even a quick nap on a weekday afternoon.

We advocate growing our own organic food at home, and we share what we know.

Horticultural ‘obbit

This a blog that documents the tales of an Allotmenteer in Birmingham, England. The summer was dragging on. Something was needed to bring a little sunshine into the universe. One took a trip to the high street, purchased some seeds and pots. Chillies were sown, and the science experiment began.

In the pages of the blog, there is a journey. A journey of how the allotment plot started, and my subsequent adventures and experiments. There is details and evidence of simple experiments, trial and error; there is evidence of both success and failure.

You won’t find romance! What you might find in places, is frustration, anger and weariness at things not always going right.


This is our garden, our Hortus ludi, our ‘garden of delights […] a profane interpretation of paradise’ (and sometimes all too earthly woes when we find our efforts consumed by slugs & snails before the plants have even had chance to develop).

Hot Pepper in the City

We like to chronicle our gardening trials and errors here. We split our gardening time between container gardening in our apartment in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago and Super_C# gardener’s parents’ backyard in Portage Park Chicago which we are slowly co-opting to a flower and vegetable jungle.

Our main passions are heirloom peppers (particularly hot!), but we love other vegetables too.

Most days Super_C# gardener and Capt.Capsicum just sit behind a desks and write code.

Hugh Cassidy: Garden Thoughts and Musings

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Hurtled to 60 and Now Beyond

This blog is about my garden, gardens I visit during the year, and life’s little events.  There is very little about my job which I escape from by being in my garden and taking photographs when and where I can.

Early March 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer in the sigmoid section of my colon…bowel cancer! It isn’t something that happens to other people, cancer can happen to you, it is indiscriminate and doesn’t give a toss as to who it affects. I’ve had the op, done the chemo and am now picking up the pieces of my life. There is life after cancer and I am a survivor.