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Please use this form to contact me about anything other than adding a blog to the list. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

To save a bit of wasted effort all round:

  • This site offers a simple list. I do a bit of promotion for blogs added each month. but aside from that, everyone’s equal. Please do not offer me £££ to promote a particular blog.
  • This is a blog listing site. I don’t run associated editorial content here (that’s for my own blog). So I’m not interested in sponsored posts (nor, for that matter, do I accept sponsored posts on my own blog).
  • I’m not interested in advertising at all so please don’t offer freebies to review.

The listings include a screen grab of blogs made at the time the listing request was made. Because of the system I’m using to maintain this site, changing the screen grab image can take an inordinate amount of time (I have to do it manually and the process involves actually deleting the original blog listing and making a new one). From time to time, when I have a spare hour or two, I do trawl through a page of listings and update the images. But please do not use this form to ask me to update your blog image. I won’t do that until the page on which you are listed hits my trawling cycle. And then I’ll do it without you needing to ask. Updating an entire page takes no longer than updating the image of a single blog. In fact, the image doesn’t matter that much, apart from being a hotspot. It’s the text underneath it that does and I can change that in a few seconds if you provide revised text using this form.

If you want to add a new blog to the list, PLEASE switch to the Add a Blog page to make your request. I ask this because it may be a few months before there’s an available slot for a new blog and when you ask via that page a pointer gets added to my “waitlist” so I don’t forget about it. Also it triggers a few automated processes to collect information which saves me a fair bit of work. Thanks.

Small Print: All submissions via this contact form will be subjected to a SPAM check and those which fail that check will disappear into the ether. I won’t even know they’ve been sent.