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Please use this form to contact me about anything other than adding a blog to the list. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

To save a bit of wasted effort all round:

  • This site offers a simple list. There’s a randomly selected blog of the month and I do a bit of promotion for blogs added each month. But aside from that, everyone’s equal. Please do not offer me £££ to promote a particular blog.
  • This is a blog listing site. I don’t run associated editorial content here (that’s for my own blog). So I’m not interested in sponsored posts (nor, for that matter, do I accept sponsored posts on my own blog).
  • I’m not interested in advertising at all. I don’t want freebies to review. And if you’re anything to do with Amazon, I’m not interested in whatever it is you are proposing. I will have nothing whatsoever to do with Amazon on ethical grounds. (I don’t mind if you do a bit of “Amazon Associates” stuff on your blog, though, but won’t “expose” it here.)

But if you want to add a blog to the list, PLEASE switch to the Add a Blog page to make your request. I ask this because it may be a few months before there’s an available slot for a new blog and when you ask via that page a pointer gets added to my “waitlist” so I don’t forget about it and a few automated processes run to collect information to save me a fair bit of work.

Small Print: All submissions via this contact form will be subjected to a SPAM check and those which fail that check will disappear into the ether. I won’t even know they’ve been sent.