The Galloping Gardener

Welcome to my blog – The Galloping Gardener. I am the author, the photographer and the intrepid traveller who searches the world for new gardens.

I came to gardening very late in life (as, I suspect, many of us do) and if you’d like to know more you can read one of my first blog entries:

I’m not going to go over history here, but I’m lucky enough to travel for both my work and with my family, so I get to see more than my fair share of wonderful gardens on the way and this blog is about those that I want to tell the world about.

Garden Diary

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The Garden Gate Is Open

I love visiting gardens. Large or small, ancient or modern, rural or urban and how lucky we are to have so many in this country.

The National Garden Scheme http://www.ngs.org.uk, a great organisation that combines the joy of garden visiting with charity, this year celebrates 90 years of opening gardens most of which are private.
Having already visited several, especially in Norfolk where I live and volunteer with the NGS, this year it is my intention to try and visit 90 NGS gardens that are new to me.

Garden in a City

Chicago’s motto is Urbs Horto, or City in a Garden. Given the amount of sprawl and environmental damage that’s occurred since its founding, I would find it hard to argue that Chicago is still a city in a garden. However, we can still have a garden in the city.

Jason gardens in Evanston, Illinois (zone 5), about one mile from the border with Chicago. He lives with his spouse, Judy, and has two grown sons. Judy, seen below at the antiquities museum in Istanbul, is in charge of photographs, while Jason is in charge of plants.

The Garden Post (Barbara Segall)

I edit magazines and write about gardens, plants and gardeners. My own garden and those open to the public, here and abroad – and gardeners – professionals and passionate amateurs, alike, all feature in my writing. Growing my own fruit, vegetables and herbs in a small, productive and ornamental town garden gives me great pleasure, as does using the produce and writing about it.

Garden Rant

GardenRant has been online since June 2006 and quickly developed a following among garden bloggers, garden writers and editors, and landscape nursery business professionals.  We have been named Best Garden Blog, Most Innovative Garden Blog, and Best Written, by a jury of our peers.

Garden Design Magazine called us:  “Pithy, hysterically funny, with poignant news and views of all aspects of the garden world. Don’t miss their Manifesto!” We’ve also received praise from the Washington Post’s Barbara Damrosch, who said Garden Rant “gives good information, hosts lively and knowledgeable guest ranters, and is anchored by four outstandingly uppity women, excellent writers all.”

Garden Ruminations

I retired from my job on a nursery in August 2014, a little earlier than I’d planned. Since then our garden and my allotments have had rather more attention than before. They’re done with the benefit of a lifetime as a professional horticulturalist behind me, which helps a bit but not as much as you might think. Growing plants on a nursery and growing them at home are quite different.
Our garden is in south-east Cornwall and has been a work in progress since 1989. I have pictures of it then and it’s unrecognisable. I hope to be around to look at the pictures I’m taking now in another 27 years time and for it to be unrecognisable again.

The Garden Smallholder

Welcome to our blog, we’re Karen and Rich! Karen is the main blog author, a self-taught veg gardener and published photographer. Rich is a Marketing professional and the handy man around the garden smallholding.

We live in North Bedfordshire, UK with our grown up children. Most days are spent in wellies, pottering around our rural village garden tending to the vegetable garden and chickens.

Garden Visitor UK

Garden Visitor UK was dreamed up to share a love of gardens of all sizes. When visiting a garden anyone can read about what the garden has to offer but what I hope to share is a ‘gardenadvisor’ report – personal findings and snippets that the official websites might not mention.

I have always enjoyed visiting gardens and first recall visiting RHS Wisley as a small child, collecting fallen rhododendron petals (fairy hats!) and racing up and down the rock garden (no Health and Safety risk assesments in those days!). My grandmother, Peggy was a great inspiration to me, her plant knowledge and love of gardens made a big impact and I still miss her beautiful garden in Dorking, Surrey.

Garden with Diana

I grew up in gardens. My parents grew and preserved all their own fruits and vegetables. My mom also tended flower gardens from which she created beautiful bouquets. While my dad now tends a heavenly plot, my mom still gardens in her 80’s.

I love plants – planting, nurturing and harvesting – in containers and in the garden. I enjoy finding new plants; trying new combinations; experimenting with new methods; photographing plants, wildlife and gardens; and visiting public and private gardens.

A Gardener’s Weather Diary

I’ve been recording weather records using a Davis weather station set up in the garden since late 2009. These records are downloaded from the weather station to my computer where they are stored and analysed using specialist weather data software and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Our weather station is located in our garden in the town of Ossett West Yorkshire England. Where we live has a Maritime temperate climate. Maritime temperate regions are found in areas near coasts where the sea and onshore winds provide more rain and help to keep the temperatures level throughout the year.

The gardening adventures of Suffikboi

Living and working in Suffolk, UK, Suffikboi can often be found on his allotment or pottering around in one of the gardens that he tends at home or at work.

Enjoying outdoor life, camping, walking, running, cycling or wild swimming fill a number of weekends, and compliment the love of growing and eating fresh homegrown produce, and the occasional cake!

With a smart phone at his side photos are constantly being taken to document this ‘good life’ and shared through a series of blogs, Twitter, Instagram and other online platforms.

The Gardening Guys

Joe & I have been plant lovers from a young age but our gardening journey really took off for us when we met 11 years ago.

Joe and I met in early 2007, and initially we didn’t hit it off but when we discovered each other’s passion for plants it wasn’t long before we were inseparable and working together on our first joint project – overhauling the balcony at Joe’s flat. I had planned to stay for a week or so whilst we worked on the balcony but we fell in love over our mutual love of plants and we’ve been together ever since.

Gardening Limited

Hello everyone! This site is dedicated to all gardeners who have limited space and budget for their gardens. I will be posting tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your limited space and within your financial means. If you have any blog ideas or questions you would like answered in a blog, please send me a question or inquiry on my contact page. Enjoy and happy gardening!

Gardening on the Edge

In 2012 we bought a derelict farmyard with a canal tunnel and railway line. The place was a wreck: covered in concrete with piles of rubbish that had become enveloped by brambles. It was my sleeping beauty: an exquisite spot that had been abandoned to nature and needed nursing back into a garden without losing the essence of wildness or the creatures that had made it their home. This blog is a record of this adventure and a testament to how to garden on the edge of what is conventionally considered “gardening”.

The Gardening Shoe

The name came about because in the Shoesmith family there is Little Shoe, Big Shoe and Young Shoe, and for fear of becoming the kind of Shoe I didn’t want to be, I swiftly grabbed the moniker Gardening Shoe and headed off into the Blogosphere.

Nowadays I earn my living as a garden designer, horticultural consultant and writer. I have been given the occasional award, which is lovely, especially since I enjoy what I do. In all these years, my passion for gardening has remained undiminished. The garden continuously beckons, and I am fortunate to be able to escape outdoors nearly every day. My hope for The Gardening Shoe is that it will encourage you in your gardening life.

Gardens at Coppertop

Welcome! I began this online gardening journal in March 2014 with the goal of chronicling these gardens on Coppertop Trail while learning to care for them. The gardens are what first drew me to this mountainside home.

We purchased these five acres on the northern Olympic Peninsula in Washington State in late 2013 and moved into our home in early 2014. About half of the land is wild forest, and the other half was beautifully landscaped by the original owners/builders since 2001 with an abundance of perennials, bulbs, trees, native plants, climbing vines, shrubs, herbs, groundcovers, vegetable and flower beds, berries, and a small orchard. A stream bisects our land, flowing into a pond, then out through a wild, marshy area. The soil toil is continuous, but the joys are never-ending as well. This view eases the labor.

Gardens, weeds & words

Gardens, weeds & words. An odd name for a blog. But really, that’s just what it’s all about. I spend a good part of each day messing about with, staring at, or thinking about all three, so naming the blog after them seemed like an entirely sensible thing to do. At least you know what you’re in for.

Gardens. Travel. Life.

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Our garden is located in southeast Bavaria at about 490m above sea level on the north side of the slope and surrounded by forests. As a result, we have to survive three months with almost no sun in winter, have a lot of walking shadows and grounds thus very slowly dries.

Overall, the plot has a size of one hectare, of which about 3000 sqm as a garden. The rest is meadow and a small wooded area. The blog initially loads in German but there’s a translator available just a click or two away.

Glebe House Garden

A week to week garden diary covering all aspects of the garden: maintenance, development, projects etc.

The Good Life – Well Maybe

Retired young and active so now looking forward to doing all the things I have dreamed about.

Granny’s Garden

The regular Saturday blogs by the indomitable Granny, wielder of power tools and heavy hammers, mistress of all things gardening. Layer of brick paths, hacker of trees, grower of perennial geraniums.


Gardening has been an interest of mine since I was a child, and I have always kept some form of garden at every house I have lived in since I left home. Due to my father’s job as an army officer we had a rather nomadic life when I was a child, but I have certainly done my share of moving house as an adult too. Since birth I have lived in 24 houses and the house I live in now is the 12th house since leaving my parent’s home at the age of 16…..that’s a lot of different gardens! The garden I have now is the third here in UK, before 1999 I lived in Norway. There I had all kind of gardens from a tiny balcony garden where I grew carrots in juice cartons to the largest one the size of two football pitches.


When I was a kid my dad used to take me to his allotment garden on the crossbar of his bike. Now I’m taking my two boys and getting them involved in growing, although in a safer way! My plot is about 20 metre x 5 meter and it seemed daunting at first as the weeds were taller than me but now it seems too small. The soil is generally heavy clay and slightly acidic. I also have a small patch at the end of my home garden which has a green house and potting shed. My allotment is close by, only a 5 minute walk but I normally have to drive as I fill my car up with manure. We have a temperate maritime climate, not too hot or cold. I grow peas, carrots, beans, beets, cabbage, pumpkins, peppers, onion, garlic, potatoes, zucchini, melons, plums, apples to name a few. I am by no means an expert but I learn from mistakes and if I pass on a good tip or recipe then I’m happy.

Green Cailin Garden

Join me on my adventures in horticulture where I work to transform an empty field into what I hope will become a beautiful, productive organic garden growing cut flowers, fruit, vegetables and herbs. I (usually!) update my blog each week with tales of my gardening successes and failures as well as hopes and plans for the garden, interspersed with recipes inspired by my produce, and struggles with weeds, pests and the vagaries of the Irish weather. I am a relative newbie to gardening (but a total convert!) so not in any position to offer much growing advice – in any case there are plenty of experts on every element of gardening available online. But I am enthusiastic and ready to experiment and happy to share!

The Green Fingered Blog

Hi, I’m Paul, the Green Fingered Blogger. I’m passionate about plants and gardens and I love helping people get the most out of their garden. I want the Green Fingered Blog to help and inspire people to enjoy their garden, whether it’s an estate, a back yard or just a few pots. Plants make your life better!

Green Fingered George

Hi, my name’s George and I absolutely love gardening and wildlife. I mainly garden at home helping my Dad, but I also help out at local community gardens. In 2014, when I was 8 (I’m now 12) I won the RHS Young School Gardener of the Year.

It was a fantastic year. I met The Queen, went on The One Show and gave out an award at RHS Chelsea Flower Show .

In October 2015 I was announced as the first ever RHS Young Ambassador; my job is to inspire other children to share my passion for gardening and the natural world. Since then I have spoken at the Houses of Parliament about young people in horticulture, made several appearances on CBBC’s Blue Peter and Newsround, been a junior journalist at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower for First News and more recently watched the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show build, which was filmed for Gardeners’ World.

A Greener Life UK

A collection of organic gardening and healthy living stories. Advice for novice gardeners and tales of garden wildlife escapades. As well as a few garden projects for children, building quality family moments.

Greenside Up

In the early summer of 2009, Dee Sewell created Greenside Up, a social enterprise that helps people to grow their own vegetables without chemicals.

The aim of Greenside Up is to teach as many people as possible this basic life skill and Dee does this by working as a tutor offering gardening workshops, by specialising with community gardening groups, and virtually through social media and blogging.


I am delighted that you have found your way here either by accident or design. I do hope that you stay for a while and that you return in the future.

Grow Like Grandad

As a small boy I would sometimes stay in Bexhill-on-Sea with my maternal grandparents Jack and Vera (yes really…) and whilst there on warm summer evenings I’d help my Grandad to water his vegetable patch. It wasn’t a very big patch because by then he had retired, but there was enough room for growing lettuce and beetroot and his greenhouse of tomatoes and cucumbers.

I recall that a crudely fashioned metallic cat with flaking black paint hung on an old string to keep the birds off as it chimed in the wind. Honestly I wasn’t a big fan of salad for dinner on blue willow pattern plates in those days (what child is?!) but I have fond memories of the time spent with my Grandad outside and now, when I am in the garden or at the allotment, …

Grow Lotty Grow

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a very keen, amateur kitchen gardener. I take an enormous amount of pride in my allotment and I’m so keen to ensure my two young kids get involved and interested in growing their own food too.
I took on my plot in January 2016 and won “the newcomer plot” in Woking borough that first year, which was a great honour. But the greatest prize is hearing my little kids say things like:
“Imagine how good this would taste if we had grown it“, and
“We need to weed the plot so that the weeds don’t take food and water away from our vegetables“, and
“Mummy you’re a great cook, we have a cupboard full of your homemade jam“.

Growing Nicely

Growing Nicely began 5 years ago as part of my business blog when I was a freelance garden designer. When work changed direction, the blog developed into being more about gardening including growing food. Design is still there, because I like the garden to look good as well as being practical.

Now the blog also includes the renovation of our previously neglected garden, we moved here 2 years ago. I don’t use any chemicals, try to manage it all sustainably, & although gardens are a passion, I want to spend a minimal amount of time looking after it.

Growing With Plants

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 Gwenfar’s Garden and other musings

This blog is in part a diary of the development of my garden and a record of gardens I have visited. It occasionally discusses other activities, such as campaigning with Global Justice Now and other random musings that occur. You can also follow me on Twitter @GwenfarsGarden.