Earth Laughs in Flowers

As someone who is passionate about plants and flowers and garden design, here are some of my favourite public and private gardens and flower portraits from all my travels. When I started this blog in April 2013 I didn’t have a garden of my own but managed to squeeze a few specimens into pots to adorn my front ‘patio’ (OK so that’s stretching the truth of my outside space, but it was big enough for a table and chairs amongst the pots – just!) Three years later in April 2016 I moved to Cornwall and finally got a small patch of outside again. You can follow the garden on my new Cornish Blog, where I am slowly coming to understand my new plot of land in my new county.

Edinburgh Garden Diary

My name is Joanna, and I am a gardener, writer, photographer and blogger living in a traditional Edinburgh tenement flat with my husband (whom I refer to as The Brazilian when he occasionally appears in this blog). I write mainly about the development of our tenement gardens, which were in poor condition when we first moved here (see The Gardens for the full story). I also write about visits to other people’s gardens and gardening events, and about gardening techniques, garden toolery, and general garden tomfoolery. I aim to update Edinburgh Garden Diary about once a week, and I am also very active on Instagram.


Written by a garden designer with 40 years of experience in horticulture, gardening & design, this blog seeks to help the keen private garden owner that perhaps can’t afford a super new garden but wants some information every couple of weeks about how to get there their own way but with a little help.

Elephant’s Eye on False Bay

Diana and Jurg Studer garden for biodiversity on False Bay. Fynbos on the mountain slopes around suburbia. Long summers and wet winters in our mediterranean climate.

Emma’s Allotment

Transforming an overgrown UK allotment

The Enduring Gardener

It is true to say that gardeners have an affinity with nature, more acutely aware of the turning of the seasons, eager witnesses of the gradual transformation of the months from January through to December. It is also true to say, that in common with each other they tend to be a resilient lot, hardy dependable and patient. Able to overcome the most extreme conditions, put up with set backs, never to give up in order to bring seeds to life, observe the emergence of new shoots, the explosion of blossom and the maturing of fruit. In essence gardeners are blessed with uncommon endurance and like the long distance runner, they’re in it for the duration.

The Event Gardener

I’m Sandra,  a mad-keen allotmenteer, currently working my second plot, which I’ve been custodian of for four years (I had my first one, which I had to give up when I moved, for seven). With the price of basic vegetables so low at the moment, I’ve turned the whole plot over to what I call my Event Allotment – where every new crop is not just a new veg for the table, but an event in itself.

Experiments in Propagation

I’m a software engineer that has always loved plants. I like to garden and landscape in my backyard, and I love to experiment with growing plants of all types.

In particular, I like native landscaping/native growing, permaculture, traditional landscaping, sustainable landscaping, propagation, exotic plants and seed collection,

I live in Brier, Washington, which is located about 20 miles north of Seattle.