Candelo Blooms

An Old-fashioned Rose enthusiast, who is passionate about her garden, creativity and beauty, nature, birds and the environment, sustainability, self-sufficiency, Slow Living and enjoying all the good things of Life !

I look forward to sharing our new adventure with you.

Carrot Tops Allotment

In 2007, I took on an allotment with my good friend Adam and things went from strength to strength.

Having an allotment is one of the most rewarding things you can do – it keeps you fit, you learn tonnes about gardening and you get to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables that money can’t buy.

I hope to share hints, tips and gardening victories!

Welcome to plot 71

Plot 71 is located in the heart of Tolworth, South West London on the Knollmead allotment site. Tolworth may not come across as the most glamorous of places, however, there are some great green spaces darted in the most unlikely of locations.

Carrots and Calendula

Hi, I’m Ciar, a writer and a mum of three (plus two hay-hungry guinea pigs) which doesn’t leave me with anywhere near as much time as I would like to pursue my passion for gardening. My offspring (aka the Little Weeds) would usually rather stare at a screen than join me in the great outdoors, unless it’s to play a dangerous sounding game on the trampoline (crack the egg anyone?). I want to change that and have a year (hopefully more) of living wholesomely – spending more time outside, growing our own fruit, veg and flowers and creating fantastic places to work, rest and play in our newish back garden. I particularly like the idea of growing flowers and veg side by side hence the name of the blog.

The Chatty Gardener

Love gardening? I do.

Read my articles on open gardens, interviews with passionate growers giving tips, reviews of the best books on gardening and using your produce. I also hunt out those special nurseries, take a look at the top flower shows and tell you what’s happening in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

Cleve Nursery Blog

Welcome the Blog of Cleeve Nursery. It is professionally written by Alan Down [Master of Horticulture] partner of Cleeve Nursery and the Western Daily Press garden correspondent. Its full of gardening tips and advice with over 40 years of experience. We welcome any comments to help our blog bloom just like our gardens!

Close to Home

A celebration of seasons in Southern California gardens

A Coastal Plot

I’m Sam and I live with my husband, three children (who are growing up too fast), dog and two cats in a village by the sea. I’m co-founder of the website ‘Agnes – the life guide for teenage girls‘, a part-time freelance editor/writer and a full-time mum.
We moved here from London in 2012 and I write about our family life, our efforts to renovate the garden (on chalk and quite exposed, which poses various challenges), the progress of the seasons and the beautiful surrounding countryside. My posts will no doubt stray into other subjects – food, the village, what’s going on in the wider world – but I hope you will enjoy visiting here.


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Country Garden UK

Thanks very much for popping by. I’m so happy you are here! Hello I’m Gillian. Welcome to Country Garden UK.

I believe that everyone can have a beautiful garden buzzing with wildlife. I’d love to show you how to grow the most gorgeous flowers to create the garden of your dreams. Whether you want a cottage garden, a wildflower meadow or a cutting patch. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune or take up all of your time.

There’s lots that can be done in just twenty minutes and the results are simply amazing. In just 12 weeks you can have a beautiful patch of flowers to admire and what’s more you can impress your friends and neighbours with them too.

County Gardening

This site is all about my attempts, using micro gardening, to bring cohesion and beauty to our large rural property in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. It’s also about my jorney learning about photography.

Creating my own garden of the Hesperides

The garden of the Hesperides was where Hercules had to go to find the golden apples, references to it  in Italian Renaissace gardens are a symbolic way of comparing the garden to paradise, a way of achieving imortality through hard work. So this garden is, for me, my paradise and certainly the hard work in achieving it will bring its own reward.

The Cynical Gardener

Hi, I’m June Saddington.

I’m a Leicestershire, UK, based Professional Gardener and I work at a Botanical  Gardens that is open to the Public on a daily basis. I work in Glasshouses and in all outside areas.

I like growing all sorts of plants, Propagation, Seed collecting, swapping and sowing, I like visiting flower Shows,(big and small), Plant Fairs and National Garden Scheme Gardens.

I blog about things that interest me, products I find useful, interesting or might be of interest to Gardeners in General.