Blogs come and go for a variety of reasons. Sometimes those who grab at statistics realise that their efforts have not attracted thousands of visitors. Sometimes people just give up and move on. Maybe illness gets in the way. Or a new addition to the family.

Some blogs go quiet and then spring back to life.

That’s the nature of blogging.

In an effort to keep the blog list current, if I notice that a blog has gone quiet for more than six months I’ll move it’s listing here so that you are able, if you want to, to get at its historic content. If I discover that a blog has reactivated, I’ll move it back into the active listing. Though I won’t check often so if you’re the owner of a resurrected blog, please use the “get in touch” link above to let me know.

NB. Blogs which disappear completely are not archived but deleted (as there’s nothing left to link to). I also delete any “former” blog that has changed in such a way that it would no longer meet my criteria for including it in this listing (eg blog content has been deleted and replaced with something like advertising/sales content or the address now points to a website, not a blog).


Jenny Ruth Yasi

There is something about gardening in here somewhere. But nothing in the last six months so this blog moves to archives,

By Nature: notes from a besotted gardener

This blog hasn’t been updated since January 2017.


This blog hasn’t been updated since January 2017

Jardins A L’Anglaise

This blog hasn’t been updated since 2016.

Kids in the Garden

This blog hasn’t been updated since January 2017.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, however small, it will probably be the first place where your children connect and interact with the natural environment.  I hope this site will give you some ideas about how to make the most of those experiences.

[NOTE: I’ve often had difficulty getting this site to load first time. If nothing happens, try hitting the refresh button (usually F5). This almost always works for me.]

Bristol Seed Swap

This blog has not been updated since January 2017.

The Bristol Seed Swap is community event – offering a fantastic opportunity to :
– Share & take away diverse & interesting seeds
– Learn about seed saving, green issues, growing & local projects
– Get expert advice from knowledgable & friendly gardeners!
– Learn about seed and land issues, local projects and ideas for making the most of your allotment or garden.

Reflections on the Dew Pond

Hi I am James and I am a gardener. I work in a large private family garden in Hertfordshire called Dew Pond House. As a teenager, I took a degree in Landscape Management at The University of Reading, and I have worked as a gardener ever since. I have had a wide range of jobs, varying from landscaping new-build properties, taking care of stately home estates, running my own garden maintenance business and working for a gardening magazine. In Winter 2015 I started as the sole gardener at Dew Pond House and as I now have plenty of time ruminating with my thoughts while I work in the garden, I felt this was the ideal time to start this blog.

Wooly Green

We are slightly confused gardening FRIENDS that can connect in MYSTERIOUS ways through our shared love of GREENish things and a bit of COUNTRY stuff even if we’re in a town!

We do this without seeing each other that much and sometimes without even speaking.  This is because we have AMAZING, MAGICAL POWERS and broadband access.