After The Sun

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Agents of Field

On 19th January 2014 we became the custodians of allotment plot 23D. Our mission was simple: to dig, to grow, to harvest, to eat. Subscribe to our award-winning blog and join us as we endeavour to cultivate our very first allotment. Support us as we battle weed intrusions, aphid invasions and the inclement British weather. Stand with us as we give intensive farming the finger, flying the flag for sustainability. Agents of Field: saving the Earth one forkful at a time.

Alan’s Allotment

The purpose of this blog is to record my progress and perhaps to get some feedback and comments on what I’m doing right and wrong and to remind me how much I have actually achieved, when I really don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere or moving as fast as I would wish. In my head I’m still between 23 – 26 and think I can function at the speed and without the consequences of physical work – Truth is I’m 54 and my body knows it and no doubt will let my brain know by sending messages from aching muscles.

James Alexander-Sinclair

James Alexander-Sinclair is one of the foremost garden designers in the United Kingdom. He has designed gardens from Cornwall to the Western Isles and from London to Moscow. He is also an award winning writer, a compelling speaker, frequent broadcaster and an elected member of the Council of the Royal Horticultural Society. He has regular columns in Gardeners World magazine and Gardens Illustrated. He writes a blog for Fine Gardening in the USA and contributes a video diary to Crocus.

All Coming Up Roses

I’m interested in many aspects of horticulture: the people behind and history of some of our most famous gardens, the plant hunters who travelled the globe searching out new species, medicinal plants, horticultural therapy, planting design and grow your own. And garden photography. Especially garden photography. When not pottering in my own garden or visiting, photographing and writing about other people’s gardens, I’m studying for my RHS Level 2 exams. I hope you enjoy my occasional posts.


A Welsh Blog: showing the versatility of vegetables and fruits by sharing and creating delicious platefuls of food inspired by the many diverse ‘ethnic’ world cuisines from sweet to savoury! I have over 1500 vegetarian and vegan recipes. Please explore my culinary blog space with some honest random thoughts and things thrown in too. My interests are trying to grow my own organic vegetables, cooking them creatively, then eating them, greedily in both savoury and sweet recipes, often vegan – but always vegetarian.

Allotment 99B

I had an allotment for a while a few years ago and I enjoyed it but it never looked great and I gave it up because I just couldn’t keep up with the weeding. Now I am returning to the allotment fold, a bit older, possibly a bit wiser but certainly more aware of the benefits it can deliver to my mental health. I’m hoping this blog will be a mixture of updates on creating a decent plot, my thoughts and some nice photos of sheds (generally in black and white because we all know that makes them ‘arty’).

Allotment Life

I’ve always loved gardening; my earliest memories are of ‘helping’ grandad in his garden and being amazed every year at the size of the tomato plants he grew on top of the coal bunker. The smell of tomato plants brings back that memory.
I outgrew our postage stamp back garden in 2004 and added my name to the waiting list for an allotment. In winter 2005, I was offered plot 34 and it was my bit of heaven for 10 years. I’d still be there but for the avaricious Duke of Northumberland who believes the land is better with 120 flats rather than 37 plots.
The on-going story is my move to another allotment site and the taming of plot 48.

Allotment Mum

Hello. I’m a mum, freelance journalist, and grower of fruit and veg. I’ve got three kids, known here as J,D and A, aged 10,7 and 4. Like most kids, they prefer Haribo to home-grown kale. Then there’s Unhusband: the father of my children who still hasn’t made an honest woman out of me. I’m still searching for a suitable title for him. Boyfriend sounds too juvenile, common law husband sounds like an insurance application, and partner sounds like we’re either in a same sex relationship or some kind of business unison. He too prefers Haribo.

Alternative Eden

Alternative Eden started off as an exotic gardening blog in 2010, documenting our gardening adventures as we developed our garden which has an exotic and tropical theme. It also served as a portal of the progress of our pond build which was completed in the spring of 2013. With our full time careers progressing, increasingly becoming more demanding and time consuming, we have also found our interests diversifying, going beyond the realms of exotic gardening. And with this we have decided to let the blog follow us too, to go beyond its niche of exotic gardening and let it evolve and diversify as much as we have.

The Amateur Plantsman

I live at the east end of Berkshire, UK. After taking early retirement, my gardening hobby became an obsession. I like to grow unusual plants, and hope you will join me as I tell you about some of them, recount my hopes and disappointments, successes and failures.

The Anxious Gardener

My name is David Marsden and I’m a gardener. I tend two gardens: ‘The Old Forge’ sits in the South Downs National Park (warning, warning: cliché imminent) under a great bowl of sky; and in a quiet, partly wooded valley in the Sussex Weald lies ‘The Priory.’   It is this second enchanting place that features mostly in ‘The Anxious Gardener.’ I love the Priory and Old Forge dearly and was very fortunate indeed to land both jobs. But self-employed gardening is often a lonely past-time: I can go several working days without speaking to a human soul (apart from myself).  Very few people visit and fewer still wander about the grounds.  I felt they deserved a wider audience … and so I started this gardening blog.