New Blogs: 30 May 2018

Here we are again. Another ten blogs added to the list for your enjoyment. As always, the screen grabs are hotspots; click one to jump to that blog. Blogs open in new tabs by default to make it easier to get back to this list to find another blog. And all these blogs are already in the alphabetical listings.

Allotment 99B

I had an allotment for a while a few years ago and I enjoyed it but it never looked great and I gave it up because I just couldn’t keep up with the weeding. Now I am returning to the allotment fold, a bit older, possibly a bit wiser but certainly more aware of the benefits it can deliver to my mental health. I’m hoping this blog will be a mixture of updates on creating a decent plot, my thoughts and some nice photos of sheds (generally in black and white because we all know that makes them ‘arty’).

Flutter and Hum

I was born and raised in Sweden, By now, I have lived almost as long in the United States. The path I’ve taken has been long and varied, and has given me a philosophical approach to life. I may joke that I’m a sybarite, but the truth is, I find joy and luxury in life’s simple things as well.

Frogend Dweller’s Blog

I designed and built my first garden when I stayed with my Grandma for my first holiday away from my parents aged ~6yrs. It was made on a tray, using moss, twigs, daisies and a mirror (for the pond). I loved it.

Some time has elapsed since then. The garden I have now is larger and more varied, but I still have fun planning it, still have mistakes to correct and successes to enjoy. I have a real pond, which provides entertainment in the form of dragonflies all summer long and I have moss and daisies in the grass (although my partner tries his hardest to eliminate them).

Granny’s Garden

The regular Saturday blogs by the indomitable Granny, wielder of power tools and heavy hammers, mistress of all things gardening. Layer of brick paths, hacker of trees, grower of perennial geraniums.

Minding My Garden

I live and garden and otherwise try to spend time outdoors near Seattle, WA.

My Gardener Says

Over the years, I’ve transformed my Austin, Texas (zone 8b) high-maintenance, water-guzzling “yard” to a water-conserving, wildlife-friendly, no-mow set of gardens. Here, you can read about my philosophy of gardening: why I believe it’s important and responsible to incorporate native plants and water-wise practices in a wildlife attracting and regionally appropriate landscape.

The Outlaw Gardener

Why Outlaw Gardener? I like to break the rules of good taste, plant placement, and plant hardiness. Also, I have received periodic “love notes” from the city code enforcement officer telling me that my parking strip plants encroach on the city’s right-of-way. When expressing my distress over the latest such notice, I exclaimed to my pal Loree (Danger Garden) “I’m an outlaw gardener!” To which she replied,”That would be a good name for a blog.” My first gardens were in Southeast Alaska (zone 3.)I do miss the beauty and community of small-town Alaska but I don’t take for granted for a moment how wonderful it is to garden in zone 8.

Sedums, Dahlias and Hayfever

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Time in the Garden

I am Anca Tircă and my garden although small, has great dreams. I take care of it myself, as I like to put on the gloves and plant, clean, make flower beds or cut the grass.It is the place where, very often, I have meetings with myself ( this is my professional blog).

Wild About Gardening

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