New Blogs: 16 May 2018

After an over-long hiatus, I’m back with a collection of blogs which I’ve added to the list. I’m hoping to publish updates fortnightly (weekly if I can find the time) until I’ve cleared a rather large backlog. So pour yourself an appropriate container of your favourite brew, settle down and have a look at these ten beauties. Click the images to go to the blogs.



Honey Pot Flowers – the Garden at Waverley

We are Carol and Steve Lucey, a husband and wife team, with a lifelong love of growing plants, being creative and celebrating nature. Our aim is to provide flowers that are truly personal and individual, reflect your character and the message you wish to send.

We are enthusiastic (some would say fanatical) gardeners with over 30 years experience in growing british country garden flowers. Having both graduated in Botany from Imperial College, Carol trained in floristry and garden design and Steve worked for over 20 years in horticulture and agriculture research.

As freelance writers and speakers we hope to inspire and inform, passing on our love of gardens, plants, floristry and rural life to fellow enthusiasts and those new to the subject.

Patch 405

Hello! Thanks for reading my blog. My name is Shannon. I’ve been married to Brad for 25 years, and we have three children – Grayson (22), Cooper (20), and Delaney (16). I’ve been dreaming about a garden for years. I don’t have the master plan in mind. I know it will develop as I go along. My tagline says that I’m ‘creating my own little patch of happiness in OKC.’ Besides gardening, that patch might eventually include books I love, recipes I appreciate, friendships I treasure, and special moments I cherish … and maybe more.

Felder Rushing’s Blog

Ah…my little corner of the Internet, where I can be myself rather than just another author, the posturing horticulturist on NPR, or onstage at garden events. No coat and tie, no workaday horticultural correctness, just a crusty gardener who travels the world looking for whatever’s a good fit for my garden and me.

In my small but overstuffed plot of land I try out interesting design elements and grow hardy plants that need little or no care. I accessorize with bottle trees, gaily painted tire planters, and other whimsical yard art, including the ancient topiary practice now called “crape murder.”


The Weatherstaff Planting Planner Blog

Moving, fifteen years ago, to a new house in the country with a blank canvas for a garden set us off on our journey to become gardeners. Planning our very first border threw up a plethora of choices and hours of agonising decision-making. Complete novice gardeners, we began by researching online and in books, spending happy hours visiting other gardens and coveting plants in our local garden centres. We ended up designing a computer program which would help design garden borders.

We have a blog attached to our website in which I write about life in rural Gloucestershire, plants in my garden and general posts about gardening and garden visits in the UK and abroad.

Seasons of Snakesbury

This is a blog of life through the seasons at Snakesbury, a 5 acre plot in Kent, England. Home to me and my life partner Al, the house was built in the 1860’s and is surrounded by gardens and fields. The name Snakesbury originates from the adjoining road that used to ‘snake’ around an ancient dew pond. We both consider ourselves very lucky to live in this beautiful part of the UK.

The Mindful Gardener

The sensory pleasures and earthy delights of gardening. Some musings upon life, love, joy, food, family, wildlife and waste thrown in.

Erika Packard

After first entering a darkroom at age 14, I went on to study photography and writing at Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Arizona, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts honors (BA) degree in writing and photography. Though I was originally trained to use film and traditional black and white photography techniques, after my father gave me my first digital camera in 2001, I never shot another roll of film.

Denys & Fielding Blog

Denys & Fielding is an independent company creating home & garden wares designed for indoor/outdoor living. A love of the garden started our business and it fills our blog. Our blog shares our latest exploits (and plenty of failures) in the garden as well as top tips, book reviews, gardens we have visited and places to go.

Fashion Plants

I’m a globetrotting garden photographer who has visited places as far from the PNW as South Korea, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Canada and Australia. I’m passionate about all the nerdy things and am currently obsessed with drought-tolerant gardening.

I’m currently between gardens, having recently sold my Seattle home. I can’t wait to start my new studio garden entirely from seed, designed to survive without watering it at all throughout our dry Pacific Northwest summers, and yet sail through our 48 inches of endless winter rain.

London Plantology

I am Sasha, a London gardener, blogger and martial artist passionate about propagating plants and growing from seed. I want to inspire people to garden in small urban spaces and make gardening fun by introducing new varieties of plants and unusual edibles on my blog. I am growing all my plants in a small backyard London garden. I am also on the waiting list for an allotment but it is a slow process.

I enjoy raising plants from seed as it allows me to learn about their natural environment and observe closely their growth habits. I like reading and doing research about rare and exotic plants and their history and try to find seeds and grow them, of course! Unusual edibles, like achocha, purple potatoes, heirloom drying beans, oca, and hardy perennials are on the top of my growing list. I have also planted a few fruit trees in my London garden as what is a garden without trees!