New Blogs – December 2017

Another month has flown by and we’re in December and the UK’s in the midst of a cold spell. And it’s time for another collection of blogs to be added to the list here. So pour yourself a nice hot drink, or something stronger if you prefer, put your feet up in front of the fire or under the duvet and pop along to these ten blogs waiting to be discovered.

Fred, avid gardener

For me, gardens are a passion and especially a hobby.

When I was a child my father gave me a little border of his garden to maintain and grow what I wanted. It was certainly the starting point, the click ….

I didn’t understand until about 30 years, once owner of my house with a large garden. My many trips, from which I brought back seeds and cuttings, have grown this passion, this need to sow and succeed to grow what at first glance is difficult here.

This blog is a new challenge. English is not my native language because I’m French, but I enjoy discovering, learning and sharing what I like…

Candelo Blooms

An Old-fashioned Rose enthusiast, who is passionate about her garden, creativity and beauty, nature, birds and the environment, sustainability, self-sufficiency, Slow Living and enjoying all the good things of Life !

I look forward to sharing our new adventure with you.

Wendy’s Wonderland Garden

Gardening is my passion in life and specifically growing flowers from seed. I am not trained professionally but love learning about flowers and plan to do a course one day.


We had a desire for self-reliance, of creating a home and green space for our family that would provide us with greater food, fuel and economic security.

In the UK most of us live within a system that is reliant on external infrastructure, of which we have no control. We buy our food from supermarkets, we get our clean water from a regional water supplier and we get our gas and electricity from the ‘grid’.

Our modern lives depend on this infrastructure working uninterrupted. Most of this infrastructure currently relies on fossil fuels. For example, the supermarkets are stocked with products that are usually shipped in from aboard and trucked across country to the local depo and then on to the supermarket. Supermarkets run an efficient system and don’t spend money stockpiling or storing food in vast warehouses, as many assume. Should deliveries to supermarkets be disrupted for any reason (a fuel strike or shortage for example) supermarkets would probably be empty within 3-5 days. Then what?

A Greener Life UK

A collection of organic gardening and healthy living stories. Advice for novice gardeners and tales of garden wildlife escapades. As well as a few garden projects for children, building quality family moments.

Garden Visitor UK

Garden Visitor UK was dreamed up to share a love of gardens of all sizes. When visiting a garden anyone can read about what the garden has to offer but what I hope to share is a ‘gardenadvisor’ report – personal findings and snippets that the official websites might not mention.

I have always enjoyed visiting gardens and first recall visiting RHS Wisley as a small child, collecting fallen rhododendron petals (fairy hats!) and racing up and down the rock garden (no Health and Safety risk assesments in those days!). My grandmother, Peggy was a great inspiration to me, her plant knowledge and love of gardens made a big impact and I still miss her beautiful garden in Dorking, Surrey.

From Our Island

[Editor’s note: I could not find any “about” text on this blog to describe it. If you are the blog owner and would like to add something here, please use the “get in touch” link above to let me have some text.]

A Whole Plotta Love

Rob and Valonia live with their cat Lolly on a widebeam narrowboat on the River Thames in Oxfordshire. They took on their plot in March 2017 after it had been abandoned for a number of years. The plot has a history of flooding, but they figured they were used to that sort of thing what with living on a boat. The allotment is primarily heavy clay and it is overrun with thistles, bindweed, nettles and rabbits. This blog will record Rob and Valonia’s adventures as they learn to grow their own produce and attempt to turn this land into something productive. Valonia hopes it will also be a tonic to her anxiety disorder, although she has discovered that being a newbie plot owner has its fair share of anxiety rich moments!

The Gardening Guys

Joe & I have been plant lovers from a young age but our gardening journey really took off for us when we met 11 years ago.

Joe and I met in early 2007, and initially we didn’t hit it off but when we discovered each other’s passion for plants it wasn’t long before we were inseparable and working together on our first joint project – overhauling the balcony at Joe’s flat. I had planned to stay for a week or so whilst we worked on the balcony but we fell in love over our mutual love of plants and we’ve been together ever since.


[Editor’s note: I could not find any “about” text on this blog to describe it. If you are the blog owner and would like to add something here, please use the “get in touch” link above to let me have some text.]

And that’s it for this month folks. Have a great Christmas. Wrap up warm and enjoy your garden. Next update will be on January 1 2018, thanks to the joys of WordPress scheduling which will allow me to appear sober.