New Blogs – November 2017

Another month. Another ten blogs added. Without further ado, here they are. They’re in the site’s alphabetical index already along with well over 200 other blogs about gardening and related topics. Don’t forget to check out the featured blog of the month on the main site too. This month it’s Thomas Stone. He’s a prolific blogger. You’re almost guaranteed a plant of the week, a glance round a garden every Saturday and at least one other post each week.


Garden in a City

Chicago’s motto is Urbs Horto, or City in a Garden. Given the amount of sprawl and environmental damage that’s occurred since its founding, I would find it hard to argue that Chicago is still a city in a garden. However, we can still have a garden in the city.

Jason gardens in Evanston, Illinois (zone 5), about one mile from the border with Chicago. He lives with his spouse, Judy, and has two grown sons. Judy, seen below at the antiquities museum in Istanbul, is in charge of photographs, while Jason is in charge of plants.

After The Sun

[Editor’s note: I could not find any “about” text on this blog to describe it. If you are the blog owner and would like to add something here, please use the “get in touch” link above to let me have some text.]

The Blooming Garden

This blog is not about lawn care, double digging or when to plant your Brussels sprouts although I do grow vegetables and I do dig.

It is about sharing my love of beautiful plants and the ongoing pleasure and pain of trying to turn the overgrown, neglected acre round my sixteenth century cottage in rural Suffolk into a floral Paradise.

Gardeners are supposed to come in two categories: the collectors and the artists. I try hard to reconcile my need to collect more and more plants with my desire to create beautiful garden pictures.

I invite you into my garden to see how I deal with my twin obsessions. I hope to show you some wonderful plants and to tell you how to grow them. Sometimes I will share a peek at other gardens I visit.

Roses and Rhubarb

This is the gardening blog of a retired 70 year old who is not very good at gardening.

N20 Gardener

This blog has come into being after meeting some like minded people on twitter. Sometimes our conversations didn’t fit into 140 characters. Some of those people already had blogs and it was good to see how their garden and allotment projects were progressing. There was also the great Six on Saturday blog hosted by The Propagator. So finally the plunge was taken and a new blog appeared. I hope you enjoy it.

Carrot Tops Allotment

In 2007, I took on an allotment with my good friend Adam and things went from strength to strength.

Having an allotment is one of the most rewarding things you can do – it keeps you fit, you learn tonnes about gardening and you get to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables that money can’t buy.

I hope to share hints, tips and gardening victories!

Welcome to plot 71

Plot 71 is located in the heart of Tolworth, South West London on the Knollmead allotment site. Tolworth may not come across as the most glamorous of places, however, there are some great green spaces darted in the most unlikely of locations.

Smallholding Dreams

We are Claire and James and we run a small campsite and smallholding in rural Suffolk near the coast – Shottisham Campsite.

We have 10 acres in total, although much of this is for the campsite. The campsite has been in our family since 1971. We moved here in the summer of 2009 after my Dad died. We have spent the past 7 years trying to bring the campsite back to life, renovating the house and developing the smallholding – we reckon this is a 20 year project! We have mad schemes and grand plans for the small holding which may or may not come off, but we are giving it a go. I don’t think there was ever a plan for a smallholding, it just kind of happened – we tend to do, rather than talk.


I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (mid-Zone 6 to lower Zone 7, depending on whose map you use) and garden on four acres in full sun: about two acres of managed meadow, one acre of pasture, and one acre of intensively planted garden and open shrubbery areas. This garden is entering its 16th year in 2017.

I’ve had a lifelong love of plants, but it didn’t develop into a full-blown obsession until my late teens. I earned a B.S. degree in Agronomy and Environmental Science from Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture, spending the summers working as a gardener on various estates in the Philadelphia area. I then worked at Rodale Press Garden Books as a Senior Associate Editor before leaving for a career as a freelance garden-book writer, editor, and photographer.

Tony Tomeo

I am not a professional writer. I am merely a horticulturist who happens to write about it.

This blog is another outlet for my gardening articles, as well as a few unpublished odds and ends about my own horticultural experiences. My weekly gardening articles feature a main topic and a featured plant. These two components will be separated here on the blog, so that the main topics will be in one category, and the plants will be in another. I will probably recycle old articles when they are in season. In regard to the unpublished odds and ends; anything goes.

Sweet Pea and Cabbages

I love all forms of gardening, floristry, foraging, jam making and am happiest when outside tending my allotment and writing about it! Owner of two smelly, errant dogs.

Authoress (by pseudonym) of “A Year on an Allotment” and “Another Year (and a bit) on an Allotment”.