New Blogs – October 2017

Here we are again at the start of another month and it’s time for another update to the blog list. There are 11 additional blogs because one that was on the list has gone by the wayside so there’s a slot to refill. And there’s also a new featured blog of the month.

Without further ado, here are this month’s additions:

The Hilltop Gardener

Having recently moved to the Brecon beacons, Mid Wales, I have set myself the challenge of Transforming my overgrown windswept garden into an abundance of home grown fruit and veg for me and my family to enjoy. Hopefully bringing us one step closer to the dream of one day being self sufficient.
With a little prior experience of growing vegetables and even less in keeping livestock, I’m learning something new everyday. There have already been plenty of ups and downs and I’m sure they’ll be plenty more to come.


The Long Garden Path

It’s actually not that long and it’s definitely no estate! At 160ft long my garden path seems long by suburban standards. It serves its purpose, inviting me to wander round “My Estate”.
“My Estate” is my haven. It’s where I can relax and unwind after a long working day, or where I can indulge my creative side and be constructive. It’s my panacea for all the stresses of modern life.
Like any garden, it’s always a work in progress, always needing attention, and never how I’d love it to be. But isn’t that the joy of gardening?


Island Threads

I live on the northern tip of an island off the northwest coast of Scotland, I moved to this house and garden in January 2002, the house need some work to make it warm and water proof, the garden was a combination of peat moorland heath and long over grown strong wild grasses and sphagnum mosses, I was working full time, on a small budget and alone, so progress has been slow, first and foremost the house needed attention, that ‘attention’ seems to be ongoing with more work appearing, like the large crack over a window that currently needs money and attention,


The Painting Gardener

A gardener for most of my life, I’ve been painting for the last 10 year or so. It’s hard to say which activity gives me more pleasure. Gardening is a feast for the senses and a healing experience for body and soul. Painting is like being back in kindergarten but with much, much better materials.

I think I will always want to be an art student, no matter how accomplished I become as an artist. There is always something more to learn: new techniques and materials; and more importantly, new insights and directions. Making art is most often a solitary experience, so it is a treat to be in the company of other artists in the setting of the classroom, closed off from the world and its distractions. From time to time, I will post descriptions of the work I’ve done in courses or workshops.


Grow Lotty Grow

Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a very keen, amateur kitchen gardener. I take an enormous amount of pride in my allotment and I’m so keen to ensure my two young kids get involved and interested in growing their own food too.

I took on my plot in January 2016 and won “the newcomer plot” in Woking borough that first year, which was a great honour. But the greatest prize is hearing my little kids say things like:

“Imagine how good this would taste if we had grown it“, and

“We need to weed the plot so that the weeds don’t take food and water away from our vegetables“, and

“Mummy you’re a great cook, we have a cupboard full of your homemade jam“.


Earth Laughs in Flowers

As someone who is passionate about plants and flowers and garden design, here are some of my favourite public and private gardens and flower portraits from all my travels. When I started this blog in April 2013 I didn’t have a garden of my own but managed to squeeze a few specimens into pots to adorn my front ‘patio’ (OK so that’s stretching the truth of my outside space, but it was big enough for a table and chairs amongst the pots – just!) Three years later in April 2016 I moved to Cornwall and finally got a small patch of outside again. You can follow the garden on my new Cornish Blog, where I am slowly coming to understand my new plot of land in my new county.


Wild About Nature

I work in retail, but my real passion is the environment. Not what it can do for me but what I can do for it.

I have a medium sized garden. Yes it’s not immaculate but neither is the real world. It’s my personal space and it attracts a whole range of wildlife from insects to animals. Its my own Flixton nature reserve where all animals and insects are welcome.


Susan Rushton

This is my personal website. I’m really enjoying the blogging experience and the online company of so many lovely people. Thanks for visiting me here.

I write for my blog with one ideal reader in mind – a thoughtful, caring, playful person, willing to explore ideas on different subjects, as we might if we were to meet face to face. One who is willing to suspend disbelief for a few minutes: someone who is happy to take an idea and see where they can run with it.

I have a childish love of flowers: I’ve seen far too many trendy, almost flowerless gardens, but for me, a garden just isn’t the same without them. My interest in gardening runs deep, inspired by my maternal grandma (Mama), my naturalist father and my mother.


Allotment Life

I’ve always loved gardening; my earliest memories are of ‘helping’ grandad in his garden and being amazed every year at the size of the tomato plants he grew on top of the coal bunker. The smell of tomato plants brings back that memory.

I outgrew our postage stamp back garden in 2004 and added my name to the waiting list for an allotment. In winter 2005, I was offered plot 34 and it was my bit of heaven for 10 years. I’d still be there but for the avaricious Duke of Northumberland who believes the land is better with 120 flats rather than 37 plots.

The on-going story is my move to another allotment site and the taming of plot 48.


Notes From Carbury

In this blog I hope to share the pleasure of country and small town living in the Irish midlands. In particular I focus on the twin joys of gardening and crafts, one mainly for the winter months and the other for spring, summer and autumn.


The Little Green Blog

Hi there, my name is Nevada, and The Little Green Blog documents my progress as an amateur photographer. I have a Bachelors and Masters degree in Music and Composition and love all things to do with photography and film. I grew up in London, but have since lived in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Manchester. These contrasting locations have given me plenty of opportunities to photograph wildlife, scenic landscapes and my own career as a composer, among other things.
Most of my photographs document the scenery and wildlife around me, whether it be the Northern soul of Manchester or the English charm of the Cotswolds.


Well that makes eleven I think. I hope you find some new blogs that you enjoy.

Till next month.