New Blogs – September 2017

Another month has passed by and I’m now filling my leaf mould bins with the daily sweepings and rakings from lawns, paths and pavements. And there’s still lots going on in the blogosphere too. So here, to give you something new to read whilst drinking that cuppa, is September’s selection of blogs which I’ve added to the list.

This selection includes my first (I think) listing from the Phillipines. The US gets a look-in too.

If you have a mathematical bent, you’ll notice that there are 12 additions this month. I do break my “10 rule” occasionally when I find myself deleting a dead blog and filling the gap with another.

Check out the new featured blog of the month – The Bohemiann Raspberry.

Sally Nex

Hi! I’m a garden writer based in Somerset, in the glorious countryside of the south-west of England.

It didn’t start out that way at all. One day, more years ago now than I care to remember, I began growing a few peas and beans in the back garden, just to see if I could and as an antidote to a high-stress London life. I still remember my first harvest and the realisation that I could feed myself and my family with food far better than anything I could buy in the shops, and all through a hobby I’d already enjoyed for years. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Some years down the line, and my veg-growing is totally out of hand. From my tiny London back garden I graduated to an allotment; the allotment spilled over with vegetables, fruit and herbs and I jacked in the day job. Now I’m slowly carving a garden full of delicious, fragrant and fascinating plants out of an acre of former chalk quarry on the side of the Blackdown Hills, not far from Taunton.

Jim’s Camellias

I am in the process of compiling galleries of images of camellias that I have taken over several years, mostly in Cornwall where I live and where four of the five National Collections of Camellias are located.

When that is complete I intend to create pages of similar varieties as an aid to identification.

It would be great if I could include information about flower size, foliage, flowering time, garden performance and so on, but that is for later.

I would also like to make recommendations for varieties for different purposes.

Alongside that I intend to blog about camellia related issues as they arise. Some of the blog entries I intend to expand on as articles.

A Small Sunny Garden

Welcome to the small, sunny garden! It was born into a bare patch of desert dirt back in autumn of 2014. It spills off the edges of our patio and reclaims a bit of the surrounding desert for habitation: for us, for the hummingbirds and bees and butterflies and lizards and toads and, must I admit, rabbits!

Here is a look at the setting and the creation of this little desert garden.

Home Organic PH

We invite you to the Organic Food Bowl of Southeast Asia, the Negros Island.

In Negros Occidental, 15,800.837 hectares (39,044 acres) are farmed by 17,031 farmers/producers.

Experience our lifestyle – we have time to relax, take naps, grow and enjoy our organic produce, where we actually look forward to work (!) — in the garden, time with our kids, even a quick nap on a weekday afternoon.

We advocate growing our own organic food at home, and we share what we know.

The Belmont Rooster

The Belmont Rooster will be a blog, like before, mainly about gardening, the plants I have grown since 2009, life on the farm, healthy living and alternative medicine, GMO’s, etc. You know, the things that interest gardeners and people who try to live a healthy lifestyle. Now, folks, there are a few other topics that I have become interested in lately that I would also like to share with you, mainly to share what I have read. I would kind of like your opinion, too.

I have been gardening for a while now and really enjoy trying new plants. I have my favorites, of course, but I always try to add a few new ones ever year. I have gardened in Missouri, Minnesota, California and Mississippi. BUT I only have photos from Missouri and Mississippi.

Dig With Dorris

I am a full-time Mum and plant mad person who also works as a creator of gardens. I can provide design and maintenance advice, create gardens from scratch, update garden planting schemes as well as garden maintenance. Yep, I am a great weeder.

I have worked with the owner of a walled garden in Winslow, Bucks. to update and restore her garden to its former splendor and beyond, into a garden style more befitting modern family life.

I have carried out a number of designs which range from planting plans to complete new design.

Hayloft Plants Blog

[Editor’s note: I could not find any “about” text on this blog to describe it. If you are the blog owner and would like to add something here, please use the “get in touch” link above to let me have some text.]

Path to Permaculture

Building a sustainable path towards regenerative lifestyles and abundant economies.


Albert Camus said “Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” That’s how I feel about this blog; I want to engage you in my interests and exchange stories, tips and advice on gardens. By writing well on these things I want to share bits of my life with you and hope over time to build a spiders web of bloggers talking to each other, none of us leaders, all of us followers, writing to one another.

No Dig Home

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog!

I am an organic kitchen gardener, chef, writer, teacher and mother based in Bruton, Somerset where I grow delicious vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs in my garden and allotment using no dig methods. I love reading (my degree is in Literature and Art History), crafting, visiting interesting places, exploring the countryside, trying out new recipes and food, making potions and learning new skills.

Using vegetables, herbs and flowers that we grow, I make delicious plant based, affordable, seasonal healthy food (we worked out that a lunch of 16 different dishes plus homemade bread cost around 60p a head for 20 people!)

Tweed Street Gardener

I’ve been growing my own fruit and veg since 2012, and took on my current allotment in March 2015. With help (sometimes willing, sometimes begrudging) from my partner Melissa, we cleared what was a typically weedy plot and constructed raised beds with bark-chip paths in between.

We have always gardened organically, and have adopted a ‘no-dig’ approach by spreading a layer of compost annually which keeps down the weeds, helps retain moisture and encourages soil life to thrive (and thus, by extension, our plants). This blog is partly an attempt to channel some of my boundless enthusiasm for gardening into something that other like-minded gardeners might enjoy, and partly an attempt at giving long suffering Melissa a break from endless chats about soil, seedlings and pruning.

Jane Perrone

I’m Jane Perrone – freelance writer and presenter and producer of indoor gardening podcast On The Ledge. I like growing weird veg and houseplants and walking in the countryside with my hound Wolfie.

I used to be gardening editor for the Guardian, and I still freelance for them. You can find all my work for the Guardian here. I also write for other publications, including Grow Your Own magazine, The English Garden, Rakes Progress and NFU Countryside magazine.

There we go. The next added blog update will be at the beginning of October. But watch out for a surprise addition to the list’s setup in mid September. Several people suggested something; I’m working on it.

Happy gardening.