New Blogs – August 2017

I took a break in July so there was no update last month but I’m back now with another collection of blogs. There are only nine this month, not because I don’t have more in the pipeline (currently I’ve got updates ready for September and October and November’s half full) but, rather, because I decided to get organised and bring the number of blogs to a nice round 200. Which is a bit of a milestone considering I only started this list about 6 months ago.

I didn’t put my feet up, though. You’ll notice that the list has been totally redesigned. It should now load automatically optimised for whatever device you’re using: desktop, tablet or smartphone. It should also be faster to load and won’t use so much bandwidth (though the amount each page uses will vary with the number of blogs starting with each letter).

In another change, the added blogs appear immediately in the main list, not a month later at the next update.

There’s also an option to get an email alert when a monthly update is posted.

There’s a slight “non-bug” in that I discovered a coding tweak part way through the redesign which results in the graphics appearing bigger on a larger display. So you’re not having a visual aberration if you see some images bigger than others on a desktop device. The bigger ones are those which I uploaded after the tweak. I’ll be “harmonising” the image sizes over time. No rush.

Right then. Enough waffle. On with the important stuff. I hope you find a blog that’s new to you and that you like. The screen grabs are clickable hotspots as in the main list.


Gardening Limited

Hello everyone! This site is dedicated to all gardeners who have limited space and budget for their gardens. I will be posting tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your limited space and within your financial means. If you have any blog ideas or questions you would like answered in a blog, please send me a question or inquiry on my contact page. Enjoy and happy gardening!

Digging for Dirt

Behind the scenes with the team at Winterbourne House and Garden

Primrose Blog

Welcome to the Primrose Blog. Way back in 2011 this blog was launched by Primrose to connect and share with our community and it’s been going from strength to strength since then, bringing you all the latest gardening tips, guides and stories. The blog is written by a team from Primrose who each bring their unique style and knowledge to create a diverse mix of content ensuring there is something for all our readers. So, whether it’s how-to guides, insightful infographics, or just a little inspiration that you are looking for, you can find it all here at the Primrose Blog.

Fiona Grows Food

Fiona first began gardening in 2012 and in the subsequent years, her addiction to dirt, muck and anything downright filthy has taken over her life.

Fiona only grows organic food and is not now, or never shall be affiliated with chemical weedkillers or pesticides.
Fiona’s 100sqm allotment is in Malahide, North County Dublin.

The Beets Generation

I’m Esmé and this is my allotments journal that will hopefully be stuffed full of interesting and inspirational bits and bobs, tips that I have picked up, unusual vegetables, recipes, allotment musings and who knows what else, lets see how it goes.

I have two allotments, one full size and the other a half plot which as you can imagine keeps me extremely busy. I have a terribly dull job and so I plough all my creative energy into my allotments and absolutely love spending as much time there as possible. I’m not a fair weather gardener and can be found down at my plots come rain, shine or whatever our crazy British climate throws at us.

Allotment Mum

Hello. I’m a mum, freelance journalist, and grower of fruit and veg. I’ve got three kids, known here as J,D and A, aged 10,7 and 4. Like most kids, they prefer Haribo to home-grown kale.

Then there’s Unhusband: the father of my children who still hasn’t made an honest woman out of me. I’m still searching for a suitable title for him. Boyfriend sounds too juvenile, common law husband sounds like an insurance application, and partner sounds like we’re either in a same sex relationship or some kind of business unison. He too prefers Haribo.

The Lawnmowers Direct Blog

Lots of gardening hints and tips here. Like adding goldfish to your water butts to get rid of mosquitos!

This is an old screen grab, chosen because it bears the image of a fellow blogger, The Anxious Gardener.

My Potting Bench Blog

Pottering around my Devon Cottage Garden

The Neglectful Gardener

Urban gardening and other random thoughts


2 thoughts on “New Blogs – August 2017

  1. Thank you John for all your hard work! You must stalk quite a few gardening blogs! Love that!
    Thanks also for linking again to #MyGloriousGardens. The community is slowly growing and it’s lovely to include this as other gardens and bloggers can find each other!
    Hope to see you next month.

  2. Thank you so much for including my little blog! I’m delighted with myself! 💕🌷🌷🌷

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